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Flat Ride Taxi Service in Sherwood Park,
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Starts from $10 pickup and drop anywhere in Sherwood Park Taxi Service
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Flat Ride Taxi Inc – Sherwood Park Taxi Service

Flat Ride Taxi is one of the best Sherwood Park Taxi. We offer flat rate taxi service to anywhere in Sherwood Park, Edmonton and surrounding areas. Flat Ride Taxi Sherwood Park also offers  Airport Taxi service at reasonable rates. Battery Boost service is provided by Flat Ride Sherwood Park Cab.

Getting a cab in Sherwood Park is easy with Flat Ride Taxi as we reach anywhere in Sherwood Park within few mins.


Flat Ride Taxi Sherwood Park


Are you looking for a Pet taxi service for your pet to go to the vet or for grooming? Then you are at the right place, call us now for safe and worry free ride for your pet. Book a Cab Now (780) 803-0000

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Fast & Reliable 24/7 battery boost service in Sherwood Park Call us now – (780) 803-0000 If your car’s battery is dead or you missed turning off the lights, need help to jump start your car. Flat Ride Taxi offers quick battery boost service at affordable flat rates.

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Delivery Services in Sherwood Park. Flat Ride Taxi also provide services related to gift, package, food delivery, etc at flat rates. Door to door package pick-up and delivery. 24*7 Food delivery anywhere in Sherwood park. Deliver gifts to your special ones and surprise them with our delivery services.

flat ride taxi sherwood park


Make your guests feel privileged with a cab to receive them personally on any occasion. If you are hosting a party or arranging corporate meets & are looking for prearranged cabs / Private Taxi for your guests or employees. Call us now (780) 803-0000

Taxi Sherwood Park

Well, now or then we have always complained about the bad and tiring experience in public transport, if not driving your vehicle, it can ruin the mood for the entire day, or may cost you some extra hours as well. Thus we, taxi sherwood park, are here to give a completely different outlook to your journey via our cabs. We offer a hassle-free booking of the cabs, that is filled with comfort, to impart the best and relaxing hours while you are traveling to your destination and you are free from unnecessary tensions. . Our cabs are fully equipped with safety features. Experienced chaffers allotted to the cabs are trained and well-mannered. 

Whether you are booking a taxi to the airport or for pick and drop to the working place, we will make sure you travel with comfort and style. we understand your requirement of reaching the airport on time. Our people make sure that your travel is hassle-free and you do not suffer any delays because of us. Who wants to get strained with the burden of traveling by own vehicle or choosing the public transport that has no credibility or safety assurance? Hence, we taxi sherwood park, are the right option to leave your traveling needs with us, just give us a call well before, and we will a lot you a desired and best possible cab, that will take you to your destination.

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Taxi Service Near me

We are happy to state that every customer who has traveled in our cab, has been satisfied with our services, we are working with the experience of more than 10 years, which adds to our glory in the respective field. There has not been even a single chance that anyone has complained about our cab services or the behavior of our drivers. You can give us a call or book your cab via our website, and reach for taxi service near me, we are always ready to cater to your travel-related demands. 

Our cabs pass every single security test and are equipped with airbags to overcome any possible mishappening in the way. Our taxis are maintained according to the best standards taking into consideration the demands of our customers. Moreover, drivers are also well mannered, properly dressed, and rational enough to handle anything during the journey. The taxi service near me is a team of people who diligently work in the direction of customer satisfaction. We do not like to annoy the customer while he/she is paying. We do not compel them to pay in cash or by card, it's all on their choice of which method they find convenient, at this time, contactless payments are preferable, clients can choose either card or any other electronic method to pay.

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Why Choose Flat Ride Taxi in Sherwood Park Cab Service

When you are sick and tired of existing public transports, for the unsatisfactory travel experiences on a repeat mode or looking in Sherwood park Cab Service to make your travel enjoyable, we at Sherwood Park extend our cab services to offer you glitch-free journeys wherever you choose to travel.

Need a Ride? 
Our wide variety of Sherwood Park cabs rendering successful journeys throughout the city make sure that the distance between you and your destination gets covered within the possible minimum time limits. Our Taxi Sherwood Park and Cabs Sherwood Park have thus won the positive appreciation of passengers for creating impeccable travel tales with punctual and luxurious services


I got a ride from cab Nos 111, courteous and prompt driver. He help pack all groceries bags. I’ll take him always
Omo Kia
Omo Kia
01:44 15 Jul 21
Exceptional service. Drivers are professional, friendly, and always on time. I highly recommend their service.
Tarminder Dhuggal
Tarminder Dhuggal
05:12 13 Jul 21
Aman is very nice professional and I got to go home safe I really recommend him for doing his job well kudos pls give a raise
Sharissa Nicolas
Sharissa Nicolas
06:41 03 Jul 21
Great cab company, driver was very accommodating and polite, seem to go above and beyond for their customers, will definetly use them again.
Lucas Martin
Lucas Martin
07:15 17 Jun 21
Most reliable taxi service in sherwood. Using them for a year, been a awesome experience, thanks flat ride 🚕
18:43 12 Jun 21
This was an amazing experience. The service was excellent. I would love to ride again and again. Thank you so much.👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
hardeep kaur
hardeep kaur
14:01 09 Jun 21
It's highly recommended, all drivers are very friendly and the taxi are always clean and surely safe and comfortable.
20:48 24 May 21


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