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Taxi booking in Sherwood Park in 3 easy steps.

At Flat Ride, the aim is to make each of your taxi rides as convenient as possible. Follow the three simple steps mentioned below to book us.

Step 1: Go to the website or app and fill out all of the required information, such as pick-up and drop-off locations; in fact, you can share your current location or add your mobile phone number so that we can contact you more easily.

Step 2: Choose your preferred mode of payment from our variety of options.

Step 3: After making the payment, your ride is booked and our experienced driver will come to pick you up.

Booking options at Flat Ride Taxi

For easy and seamless booking, you have a follow of following booking options.

Online-You can visit our website and click on the booking option and book that taxi from there.

App-Our app that is available on the Google Play Store can be easily downloaded from there and you will get all your previous rides records, tracking feedback options, booking options, etc.

Phone– To book a taxi in a very simple way, you can call us anytime at (780)803-0000 if you want and we will be happy to book it for you!

Booking options at Flat Ride Taxi

Cancellations and bookings :

If you are making a cancellation on the local journey before the taxi dispatch or the booking time, you will not incur a penalty charge. If you want to cancel a booking, then you can call the customer care number (780) 803-0000. In general, vehicles for journeys are dispatched up to 20 minutes before their scheduled arrival time.

Refunds :

If you want a refund, then you have to request it within seven days of the original booking date. If you have made the payment with a debit or credit card, then the refund can only be made to the original card used.

Liability :

If there is an occurrence of an event beyond our control, then Flat Ride Taxi reserves the right to cancel the services. In the event of circumstances, the payment has been made by the customer, a refund will be issued. If the vehicle breaks down during the trip, we will provide an alternate with a reasonable time allowance.

Termination :

The full fee will be owed to the driver and/or a GST-exempt invoice will be sent if the trip is not prepaid. There is no refund for journeys that are terminated in part through the hire.

Accepted forms of payment :

Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and Interac debit are all accepted.

Privacy policy :

Link to the privacy policy

Country :

Country of permanent establishment: Canada


Accepting all major credit and debit cards. Point of sale systems in the vehicles.

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  • Fixed rates (fares)
  • Rate your service
  • Track your cab
  • Trip history
  • Pay through App Wallet

Call our customer service team at the number below to speak to one of our advisors who will help you with all of your needs.