Flat Rate Cabs

Flat Rate Cabs​

We do offer flat rate cabs, to airports or any other desired location. Here our motto is to provide value for the money, rather than charging exorbitant prices from the customer. You can rely on us, with your traveling expectations too at affordable prices. We make sure your journey is comfortable and you reach your destination in a refreshed and good mood. Here you can trust our words, when we say, we offer flat rate prices, with no hidden costs attached.

In case your flight timings have changed or been delayed, or you want to go to some other place on the route to your destination, you can give a prior notice call to the designated chauffeur, he will adjust your cab timings accordingly, this might charge you, as the driver has to manage the timings. We already maintain a record of your flight, as all these details are recorded in the system while booking your cab.​

Our drivers possess all the necessary documents to prove that they are well trained to drive you to the destination, we often add to their skills by providing occasional pieces of training, like if there is some uncertain problem like heavy traffic jams in the way to your destination, your designated driver will rationally choose another possible route to save the time.​

Even if you are traveling in your car, and somehow forgot to charge the battery or your battery mechanism has broken, you can give us a call, and we will send our battery boost services within the least possible time. All and all any kind of need will be catered here at flat rate cabs.​

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